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Engaging Hearts and Minds In Person and Virtually

Client Profile

The Bridge Church is a growing, community-minded church located in Central New Jersey whose mission is to connect people to God, to each other, and to purpose. With a long history of being committed to Central NJ, The Bridge Church is focused on doing whatever it takes to spread the love of Jesus!

Scope of Work

  • Branding
  • Video Strategy
  • Print Design & Signage
  • Environmental Design
  • Campaigns

During a season of intense growth, The Bridge Church was quickly expanding to multiple locations and needed a clarified brand image that supported new opportunities for the church. With a commitment to do whatever it takes to connect people to Jesus, The Bridge Church brand needed flexibility and recognition in both physical and virtual spaces.

Ron Frisch, Lead Pastor, The Bridge Church


The Bridge Church approached Rethink Creative with a ton of momentum. In one location at the time, The Bridge Church was maxing out their capacity and was starting to consider what growth needed to look like in the coming months and years. Should they renovate their current location? Expand to multiple locations? Embrace online church? For decades The Bridge Church had a strong presence in the community, but what does “presence” look like when culture changes? When fewer and fewer people are consistently attending church in person, and more and more people are engaging with digital platforms. The Bridge Church was wrestling with these ideas and needed a strategic partner who could help them venture into new territory.


Step one was to step back and get perspective on the current Bridge Church identity and consider how it could be cleaned up. We immediately decided to tighten up the existing logo, clarified the brand guidelines and set in motion a professional identity system that would allow The Bridge Church to move nimbly. As the church was expanding to multiple locations we sought to support the overall Sunday experience by developing signage and way-finding, along with other supporting print collateral. We developed video storytelling pieces that equipped The Bridge Church with a different mediums for communicating information and casting vision. At the same time, The Bridge Church was embracing “online church” and partnered with Rethink Creative to develop an entire video strategy that would equip them with the right tools, methodology and volunteer training for sustaining a weekly online worship service. At every turn, our posture was to be a trusted resource that The Bridge Church could turn to in these new opportunities for the brand.


By engaging these new mediums and investing in the brand, The Bridge Church was able to accelerate its growth by merging with another local church in the community, as well as expanding into a new physical space that could attract and accommodate more people. The Bridge Church saw a significant growth in connection to the brand, both in person and virtually. Embracing video didn’t only make their messages more accessible, but it facilitated growth and learning and raised up a team of video volunteers. It provided the capacity to serve those who were already connected and those weren’t yet. Furthermore, the video strategy was set in motion during the weeks and months leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. As other churches were reacting, The Bridge Church was fully equipped and trained to smoothly transition to being fully online for months, which allowed the team to focus more of their energy on caring for its congregation during such a difficult time. Ultimately, The Bridge Church vision of doing whatever it takes to connect others to Jesus was lived out.


Rethink Creative came alongside The Bridge Church as their trusted video partner. With the goal of launching a video strategy and embracing “online church” during their season of growth, The Bridge Church needed a year-end giving campaign video that would cast vision and tell stories of impact. Additionally, this storytelling medium of video was leveraged as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and The Bridge Church moved to a fully online service; they needed a hopeful and inviting Welcome/Intro video that could tell viewers what to expect during the service and could be used week to week.

Video Strategy

The Bridge Church turned to Rethink Creative to help them take their video production to the next level. The goal was clear: build out a video strategy that would equip the team with the right, professional video equipment, provide technical training to a team of volunteers who could successfully execute the new video vision, and consult with the leadership team on transitioning into a better Sunday experience. Ultimately, the goal was to expand the reach of The Bridge Church’s ministry, to those who were already connected to the church, and to those who had yet to be connected.

Sermon Series Design

Part of our partnership with The Bridge Church included creative direction for key sermon series where custom design and outside-in thinking was required.

“Rethink Creative helped us architect a pathway forward to impact our community and communicate in a way that would be relevant to people’s lives.”

Ron Frisch

Ron Frisch

Lead Pastor
The Bridge Church

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