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Prioritizing a Brand’s Sustainability in the Fitness Industry

Client Profile

Founded in 2009, Justice Fitness stands out as the premier small group personal training studio of Charlotte, NC. The relationship-focused owners, Steve and Lindsey Justice, offer their clients a personalized approach with one-on-one sessions, small group trainings, speed and agility programs, and custom nutrition plans. This intimate studio setting serves all ages and abilities while providing quality workouts that are customizable, personal and fun.

Scope of Work

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Video Content
  • Brand Collateral
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With over 5,200 training sessions in the past year alone, it was time for Charlotte-based training studio, Justice Fitness, to capitalize on the momentum and transition into a new season of growth for the business.


When Justice Fitness approached our team, they were facing some complex issues that needed a strategic approach. The business was coming off a record year, but the brand image did not reflect their high caliber services or hold authority in the fitness industry. In addition, the business lacked a clear trajectory to evolve and have the capacity for meeting the demand for their community-oriented approach.

Previously, the brand closely associated itself with the image and personality of its head trainer and owner, former NFL player Steve Justice. This highly relational approach spurred the brand’s success, but it was time to step into a new season and transition into a more sustainable model. Offering a clear brand revamp would address this challenge and provide their target audience with a new frame of reference, while honoring its origins. It was time to look at the brand with fresh eyes and reimagine the possibilities for this family-owned business tasked with a higher purpose.


Ready to rise to the challenge, our team approached this project holistically. We considered Justice Fitness’ purpose, values, and function, in their industry, as a whole. Although there was already credibility within their community, the brand’s image needed to reflect that same professionalism in the print and digital space.

The Approach

Like many of our projects, our first step was to guide them through a branding workshop that included several exercises to draw out the heart and story of those behind the brand. For Steve and Lindsey, fitness serves as a means to an end. Motivating others to pursue an active lifestyle runs in tandem with their desire to build relationships and minister to those in their community. Along with defining what makes their business different, these exercises isolated core descriptions for the look and feel of the brand. Additionally, this process defined the tone and voice; in summary, we nailed down a brand essence under the big idea of “Intentional Empowerment.”

Design Process

After solidifying the core messaging, our focus shifted into the design process. Redesigning the logo was the first priority as it would serve as the foundation for implementing an identity system. Throughout our conversations, Steve and Lindsey mentioned that their clients commonly refer to their studio in one word, “Justice.” Feeling as though emphasizing the name was a missed opportunity, we chose to create a logo that embraced the strength of the name. The direction our team took was a dynamic design that communicated energy and motion. The logo’s typography, color palette, and structure served as vital elements to set a visual identity that could be applied consistently.

Website and Video Content

Up next, a website to serve as a seamless extension of the brand and communicate its professionalism. We sought to incorporate more client testimonials and a brand video as elements to build credibility and establish expertise. As the centerpiece of the home page, the video showcases the quality of training while showing the heart behind the brand and what clients can expect when visiting the studio. More video content included adding a library of exercises, for current and potential clients, as a way to engage with the brand outside of the studio. Ultimately, the website would serve as an effective front door for the business and an educational resource for current and future clients.

Usage of the New Identity

Now it was time to bring the brand to life through print mediums: on apparel, in stationery, social media, exterior and interior signage, and throughout a series of print marketing collateral. The strategy behind building a sustainable identity system is to be flexible for future applications and marketing opportunities.


Now established with a well-defined brand image and digital presence, what is next for this fitness studio in the Queen City of Charlotte? For a tangible way to live out their values, they have integrated further into their community. They have shown off their fresh look, with confidence, by serving as a sponsor for the local school and some community events. The brand has continued to grow and recently onboarded another team member.
Thanks to strategy and a new perspective, Justice Fitness holds a strong presence in their community with the brand image reinforcing their reputation and set up for sustainability.

“The thing that I loved about Rethink was that their mission matched our mission. They have Christ at the top and I think if you were to go with any other marketing company, they're going to be business-focused first and not Christ-focused first. It shows when they come in that they're thinking what's going to help you reach the most people for Christ, not just what's going to bring in the most money.”

Steve Justice

Steve Justice

Justice Fitness

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