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Redesigning a Missions Agency from the Inside-Out

Client Profile

Faith Baptist Mission (FBM) is a small missionary-sending agency located in Winter Haven, FL born out of the ministry of Faith Baptist Church. Founded in 2009, FBM began supporting 2 missionaries, and has since grown to serve over 20 missionary families in over 10 different countries. Their growing network includes over 1,700 churches, businesses, individuals and missionaries who comprise the FBM family.

Scope of Work

  • Strategy Workshops
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Core Messaging
  • Branding
  • Web Design
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Faith Baptist Mission, a small, beloved and trusted missions agency, needed an outside-in perspective on what made them unique. Having just merged with another agency, FBM was poised for growth but needed the confidence, resolve and strategy to ensure their brand wouldn't just last, but thrive.


Faith Baptist Mission (FBM) has a short, yet rich, history of mobilizing missionaries throughout the world. Launched out of a church of the same name (Faith Baptist Church) in 2009, FBM was started to meet the needs of its own congregation. However, it was time for Faith Baptist Mission to do the deep, difficult work of truly understanding why they existed and to clarify what made them different.

FBM is a trusted missions agency with a wholehearted dedication to serve both the individual missionary and their sending church. Their flexible and affordable approach to missions allows them to meet the unique call and needs of the missionary and to get to the mission field as quickly as possible. FBM is known for their priority and excellence in missionary care and their dedication to engaging sending churches. In 2020, FBM successfully merged with Evangelical Mission Ministries (EMM), a 65-year old missions agency with a long and rich history of church planting in Mexico. This merger presented an even greater opportunity to bring greater clarity to the FBM brand and visual identity, as they pursue the vision of becoming a world leader in Missionary Care by 2030.

Simply put, Faith Baptist Mission needed to bring clarity to their story and messaging so that they could not only attract and mobilize more missionaries, but attract and mobilize more of the right missionaries. Ultimately, their visual and verbal identity needed a refresh, and they needed to be better-equipped for venturing into a new season of growth.


Starting with strategy, Rethink Creative jumped straight in to a full-day Brand Clarity Workshop with the FBM core team. This day was designed to create the much-needed margins for insightful conversations, but also to develop a potential roadmap for the FBM team to envision what the future of a clarified brand story could look like. In our time together we leveraged three strategic exercises around three core clarifying pillars: Organizational Strategy, Brand Essence and Core Messaging.

This strategic and foundational work developed a deep awareness of the brand, which helped pave the way for a formalized document of insights and recommendations. This document included an in-depth SWOT Analysis, a clarified set of Brand Essence attributes, a missionary-focused StoryBrand Brand Script and a comprehensive Competitive Analysis. With a full document of recommendations in hand, FBM had its roadmap. It was now time to put it into action.

Faith Baptist Mission now had to shift its focus to determining what made its brand unique. Why would a missionary want to work with FBM instead of turning to another sending agency? Through all of our strategic work, one common theme consistently emerged. In every exercise and conversation with FBM, the one idea that was always emphasized was FBM’s focus on missionary care. It was clear that the verbal identity needed to reflect this strength and take a bold, aspirational stance in saying: We love missionaries and work hard to be the World Leader in Missionary Care. The straightforward and honest tone laid a foundation for how the brand would communicate moving forward.

Turning to the visual identity, FBM needed a fresh mark that gave them some separation from their sister ministry—Faith Baptist Church. Additionally, the new identity system needed to appeal to a younger missionary audience. With the learnings from our strategy phase as a guide, we sought to develop a mark that supported the heart of the brand—missionary care. FBM functions as a guide, pointing new missionaries to where God is leading them, so the concept that most strongly resonated was the symbol of a compass. Using the Brand Essence attributes clarified in the strategy phase, we split this compass into 4 distinct, yet equal shapes to represent FBM’s Trusted, Approachable, Responsive and Passionate identity. Furthermore, the mark is tilted at 12 degrees to evoke a sense of movement, progress and energy, all attributes that FBM wanted to embody in this new season.


The impact for Faith Baptist Mission was clarity at every level. Furthermore, at the end of this process, not only did FBM have clarity on why they existed, but they were equipped with the tools necessary to communicate their value to the world with confidence. Where there once was an inability to articulate what made FBM unique is now a deep awareness of key differentiators. Where there once was an outdated and forgettable logo is now a vibrant, robust and forward-looking identity system. Where there once was a variety of approaches for communicating the FBM story to potential missionaries is now a clear, singular, compelling message.

The greatest of impacts came in the form of a brand new website, which was in dire need of an update. Serving as the primary extension of the brand, this new website helped to streamline FBM’s mobilization process, strengthened FBM’s credibility as a trusted missions agency and removed barriers to donating to the ministry.

“Within a few minutes of first meeting Rethink Creative, I knew that FBM needed to engage their services. After working closely with them for over nine months, our organization is now seeing the benefits of that work. Our messaging is much more focused, intentional, and strategic. Further, we now have professional visual branding to match that messaging. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Stephen Simpson

Stephen Simpson

Faith Baptist Mission

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