Boxes of Hope

Seeing Hope Spread Faster than COVID-19

Client Profile

Boxes of Hope was born out of Evangel Church in Scotch Plains, NJ. However, through Evangel's network, this initiative represents a national movement churches and strategic partners, all committed to seeing hope spread faster than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scope of Work

  • Branding
  • Web Design
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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the hopelessness it brought, a national movement of local churches was mobilized to bring hope. The most-needed resource (hope) wasn't to be found on the shelves of supermarkets, but through communities modeling the love of Christ. With this vision in mind, Rethink Creative was brought in to pull off a crazy idea: building a new brand and website in 7 days.

Chris Morante, Visionary of Boxes of Hope


What if instead of bringing out the worst in us, a crisis could bring out the best? In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Evangel Church approached Rethink Creative with a crazy idea: building a new brand and website in 7 days to launch a new initiative they had coined Boxes of Hope. In a flurry of dreaming and praying their vision was clear: What if hope in Jesus’ name could spread faster than the COVID-19 virus through the acts of the body of Christ – HIS CHURCH heeding the call? How could a household that needed hope in light of the effects of this crisis receive a literal Box of Hope full of practical and much needed items? How could we cast this vision and get churches on board sooner rather than later?


Our teams got together in the blink of an eye and over the course of many late Zoom meetings in the first two days, we talked through what this new brand and website needed to do. 3 days later we launched a logo and visual identity that could carry this initiative well into the future and 7 days later a one page website soon followed. The website created a simple, yet robust engagement tool to draw in people that needed hope and connected them with the participating churches that could give it. Without churches all of over the nation lending a hand, Boxes of Hope would have just been a nice logo and website. Ultimately this project was a seven day miracle shining hope into a dark world.


This project, although young, is already surprising everyone (us included). Upon launch, there were more than 50 churches nationwide who expressed interest in partnering with the initiative. In less than a week from launch, 5 large nationwide ministry partners like Harper Collings, Convoy of Hope, and WorldHelp signed on to aid the movement. Even famous pastors like Craig Groeschel threw their hat into the ring to show support. And a morning appearance on Fox and Friends increased audience exposure by tens of thousands. Boxes of Hope’s impact is just beginning, but we are expecting many lives to be touched by hope in the midst of this global pandemic.