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Produce videos that build empathy.

Imagine having a video strategy that not only tells the beautiful stories of your ministry’s impact but also helps you reach your fundraising goals and spread the awareness of your cause. We will partner with you to produce strategic videos that will tell your story, inspire action, and help you accomplish your ministry goals. Video Showcase

Who We Partner With

Capabilities include:

Video Marketing Strategy

Stop guessing. You know video is important. But you need a plan. Whether it’s a new video production installation at your church or a massive video campaign for your next fundraising initiative, we’re here to point you in the right direction so you don’t waste precious dollars and maximize your impact.

Campaign & Fundraising Videos

Stories move people. Hone in on the right ones within your organization and multiply your fundraising impact through the power of the right video story. Our team will guide you in every step of the way to make your campaigns convert.

Documentary & Testimonials

Go off-script. Now more than ever, the power of authentic documentary video and testimonials is being felt as audiences strive to find what’s real in a sea of fake. Deliver empathetic content to your audience and close the gap of indecision.

Global Video Production

A global organization like yours needs a flexible partner willing to go anywhere to get the right story. Let us partner with you in getting the right on-the-ground moving images that will move hearts.

Aerial Footage

Let our team come alongside you to get the impressive aerial footage needed to take your next video project to the next level.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Hone in on the power of motion graphics to bring dynamic visual elements into your next video production with explainer videos to infographics and everything in between.

Engaging Hearts and Minds In Person and Virtually

During a season of intense growth, The Bridge Church was quickly expanding to multiple locations and needed a clarified brand image that supported new opportunities for the church. With a commitment to do whatever it takes to connect people to Jesus, The Bridge Church brand needed flexibility and recognition in both physical and virtual spaces.

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