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As mission-minded organizations you must get on-the-ground engagement with the people you are trying to rally to your cause. Beautifully planned and executed events can help you establish those authentic connections and relationships that drive your mission forward. With over 10 years of event planning and production experience, let our team partner with you in bringing your next conference, banquet or digital event to life.

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Capabilities include:

Planning & Theme Branding

Take the guesswork out of your next event. From pre-planning to design and to execution, our team will walk you through every step of the usually long and complex journey of event planning. Our brand strategy will also inform every step of the process to make sure your event not only runs smoothly, but stands out from the rest.

Webinars & Digital Events

Why settle for the status quo? No venue, no problem. Today there are no barriers to connecting with your audience if you have the right digital event strategy in place and the right team to pull it off. Let us help you plan your next webinar, online education, or digital summit without a hitch.

Fundraiser Banquets

High-end donors might be the lifeblood of your organization. Why not produce a show-stopping event that elevates the amazing stories of impact you’re able to achieve because of their generosity? Team up with us to captivate their hearts and push them to action.

Booth Displays & Materials

Are you equipped to stand out at your next trade show or conference? You’re already making a significant investment to be there on the ground with your target market. Let’s make sure you put your best foot forward with professional booth displays and on-brand materials.

Live Event Production

With over 10 years of live event production across multiple ministry organizations, our team can help guide your organization to pulling off that live event you’ve always dreamed of.

Access to Artists & Speakers

Help draw crowds to your next event with the kinds of keynote speakers and artists that people want to see. Access our growing library of contacts and talent network to maximize the impact of your next live concert or conference.


Making the investment to capture your next live event with high-quality photography is one you will not regret. It’s time to graduate from amateur smartphone photography to professional options that will capture the moments that matter.

A/V Consulting

Have you been tearing your hair out finding the right A/V solution for your next conference? Let our team consult with the experts and help walk you and your team through feasibility, creative, and production conversations for your next event.

Elevating One Distinct Message from Three Voices

What happens when three powerhouse speakers unite under one roof? Rethink Creative partnered with OM USA and Crazy Love to help elevate an event brand with a distinct theme that transcended, yet celebrated the brand equity of each speaker, spoke to the right audience and cut through the noise.

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