Your brand is not your logo.


Building brands that build loyalty.

We know the stakes in ministry are high. Building a better brand means connecting with the right people, the right donors, and the right partners. Together we will discover/uncover your brand identity and clarify the best steps to position your brand for the future.

Who We Partner With

Capabilities include:

Brand Essence, Voice & Tone

At the heart of every brand exists a unique personality with a voice. Every time your organization communicates with your target audience that personality and voice becomes clearer or hazier. Through the use of facilitated workshops and exercises, we will help you discover your brand essence and bring clarity to your voice.

Logo & Visual Identity

Your brand is more than just a logo, a color scheme, or a set of values; it is ultimately your reputation, and it is telling a story. Together, we’ll conduct an in-depth gathering of inspiration and insights: audience expectations, brand descriptors, visual trends, likes, dislikes, etc. and turn that insight into a new visual identity that is authentic, consistent, strong and memorable.

Brand Guidelines

Ranging in complexity, Brand Guidelines serve as a summarizing master guide to all of the complex building blocks of a brand: Brand Essence, Voice, and Tone, Visual assets like the logo, typography and color system, and Core Messaging. This is the prize at the end of the branding journey and will empower your organization and your team to maintain a consistent brand well into the future.

Brand Audit

A Brand Audit will help shed light on your brand values, positioning, vision, and strategic priorities. By auditing the quality and effectiveness of your current visual identity (website, logos, print pieces), we will be able to see how clear, consistent and compelling your visual brand actually is and gain clarity on actionable next steps.

Persona Development

Do you feel out of touch with your donors or ideal users? In this process, we will identify and define highly detailed profiles of people that will interact with your organization and your brand. Summarizing user goals, needs, and interests, these personas bring to life real-world perspectives and aid in building out the brand and writing engaging and relevant messaging.

Messaging & Copywriting

With simplicity as our goal, we will help you develop messaging that flows directly from your brand personality and is clear, concise and compelling.


We will equip you with relevant, high quality, and attention-grabbing print projects that will help your team accomplish your strategic development objectives.

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