Creative services for the mission-minded.


Design built on insights, not perceptions.

Strategy is a crucial initial checkpoint for laying out a focused creative plan-of-attack and building a shared vision of what’s to come. Get an outside-in perspective as we conduct in-depth research, delve into collaborative creative exercises and ask the tough questions that help you define, develop and reach your organizational goals and bridge the gap between your brand and your audience.

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Building brands that build loyalty.

We know the stakes in ministry are high. Building a better brand means connecting with the right people, the right donors, and the right partners. Together we will discover/uncover your brand identity and clarify the best steps to position your brand for the future.

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Web Design

Design sites that inspire action.

Your website is often the first interaction your audience has with your brand so making the most of this digital experience is a top priority. Founded on strategic insight, we help build intuitive and user-friendly websites that connect your audience to your brand.

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Produce videos that build empathy.

Imagine having a video strategy that not only tells the beautiful stories of your ministry’s impact but also helps you reach your fundraising goals and spread the awareness of your cause. We will partner with you to produce strategic videos that will tell your story, inspire action, and help you accomplish your ministry goals. Video Showcase

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Let your brand live and breathe out in the real world.

As mission-minded organizations you must get on-the-ground engagement with the people you are trying to rally to your cause. Beautifully planned and executed events can help you establish those authentic connections and relationships that drive your mission forward. With over 10 years of event planning and production experience, let our team partner with you in bringing your next conference, banquet or digital event to life.

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Digital Marketing

Accelerate growth and establish meaningful connections

Harnessing the power of digital marketing allows you to effectively target your audience in a personal and dynamic way. When done right, digital marketing is deeply empathetic. And that's the Rethink way. From beautiful digital ads and well-crafted email templates, to SEO strategies and social media marketing plans, our goal is to equip your organization with results-driven marketing solutions.

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