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Designing an Effective Nonprofit Annual Report

Whether you’re a regional non-profit, local school or an international ministry: Congratulations! You pulled off amazing things in 2018: more people added to your cause, more volunteers added to the frontlines, more inspiring events bringing awareness of your mission, and more impactful projects changing people’s lives. And you did it all by staying within your budget! Again, you have pulled off the seemingly impossible. It’s time to look back and celebrate. Read More

The Importance of a Video Strategy for Nonprofits

What are the most important elements that go into the process of video storytelling? You could say that you have to consider the subject's story, the specific parts of his or her story you want to tell, and how you are going to capture it and produce it. Those are definitely important. However, we often find that a lot of people give little to no consideration about how those pieces of video storytelling fit into a larger puzzle. They forget the most crucial part: Video Strategy. Read More

How to Fight for Clarity in Your Organization’s Branding

Over time, how can you be confident your audience is resonating with your brand message? Sure, your mission and vision is out there, but is it truly memorable and inspiring? Sure, your team is healthy and growing, but do they all have a clear understanding of why they do what they do? Sure, you have a great logo and creative presence, but is your creative actually a distraction? How can you know? Read More