Innovative Digital Strategies in the Face of Coronavirus Uncertainty

April 8, 2020

Everyone is handling this Coronavirus crisis in their own way. This is a crazy time we’re living in, but also a valuable time to learn, experiment, and take risks. As brand strategists that build creative solutions for the mission-minded, we have been very interested in observing how the ministry world has reacted to this crisis.

Some of our observations are quite sad – giving is down in a lot of non-profit sectors, fundraisers and banquets have been canceled, and overall it seems like many organizations are in a tailspin. But a few extremely important exceptions have risen above the hopelessness and despair of the coronavirus to show us that hope can shine in the darkness. More than ever, your mission, your cause, and your ministry can connect with those that matter.

Here are a few of the innovative digital tactics that have helped some of our clients break the mold of hopelessness and blaze their own trails in this global coronavirus pandemic:

1. Be Agile and Pivot

Pretty obvious, right – of course you should pivot in a season of uncertainty! But the very nature of an uncertain situation is that you don’t see it coming. You can only gauge your success as a leader in crisis with how well you react and pivot your organization’s most valuable assets in a direction that will yield the best immediate result. For many of our church and business clients, being able to survive the next two months is crucial for the long term survival of their organization.

One of our Christian CEO business clients, BLUELINE, was able to pivot into an innovative digital strategy to offer value to their market and be a resource to pastors in need.

BLUELINE is a turn-key project delivery solutions firm that exists to help churches amplify their ministry through careful stewardship of their buildings.

We were on a routine call with BLUELINE for a project when we discovered there were actually new pain points :

  • They empathized deeply with church pastors who were going through this.
  • They wanted to leverage their partners to rally and create resources for the church.
  • They were willing to try new things to make this happen quickly and with excellence. They just needed the right idea and the right creative partner.

And thus the first-ever BLUELINE Webinar was born…  After some discussion with key external partners (Generis & Smart Church Solutions), they were able to pull together fresh and critical video content to host a webinar.

Interested in joining the webinar? Register here.

These are the kinds of initiatives that can move the needle forward in your mission, but they require agility.

What are some ways your organization has already pivoted in this season?


2. Reprioritize Resources

What happens when all of a sudden you are forced to close the physical doors of your church but your digital door is “just okay”? You reprioritize resources. This is exactly what The Bridge Church in Hamilton, NJ did in order to launch an online church service in one week ! We all have seen many churches pivot and reprioritize in this way, but with “Excellence Unto God” as a Core Value at The Bridge Church, an iPhone Facebook live stream was NOT going to cut it.

This is where Rethink Creative had the privilege of stepping in and reprioritizing some resources with The Bridge Church team. We were in the middle of a 6-month long Video Consulting engagement when the COVID-19 crisis hit. Suddenly, our Video Consulting project needed to accelerate – our team had to fast-track equipment research and recommendations for their facilities, plan out a video strategy for their unique team makeup, and successfully install equipment, troubleshoot problems, and train team members in 1 week. This would not have been possible without the reprioritization of previously allocated budgets, time, and key personnel resources. The Bridge Church team knew this was important to advance its mission and vision of reaching Central NJ for Christ.

We also had the opportunity to reuse older footage to craft a new church online video intro. This allowed everyone watching to understand the church’s heart and vision in this season. Not only is excellence unto God important for video production quality, but in this case, that excellence shined in empathetic communication strategies that spoke to their members with compassion and care.

How is your ministry or organization re-prioritizing resources in this season?

 3. Done is Better Than Perfect

Although in the previous example, The Bridge Church highly valued production excellence, we are mindful of other organizations’ ability to produce the best content they can give their circumstances. And this is where this mindset of “Done is Better Than Perfect” really shines. In the age of the Coronavirus, smartphone video might be your best content option for urgency, timeliness, and flexibility. At the end of the day, having the wisdom to know what’s best for your unique situation is the real win.

This is what FIM embraced when they wanted to release a long series of encouraging videos to their newsletter and social media audience. Our team had previously worked with FIM on a full rebrand and website redesign, so we were very familiar with their mission and vision and how they normally speak to their audience.

See the FIM Case Study


In the midst of this Coronavirus crisis, a wave of similar pain points came up with FIM team:

  • Their hearts had compassion for people that were experiencing hopelessness.
  • Their General Director, Paul Barreca, felt that he could leverage his many years of being a lead pastor and share encouraging sermons on a regular basis to their constituents.
  • They were willing to try something innovative to get this done quickly and easily. They just needed our video editing help to get going.

The answer came about in a series of smartphone-recorded sermons that were sent to our team and edited quickly for mass dissemination through FIM’s channels.

The beauty of “Done is Better Than Perfect” style creative projects is that they shine brightest in seasons like the one we are currently in. In the age of COVID-19, late-night TV shows are being produced on smartphones, church pastors and worship leaders are preaching and singing into their iPhones at all hours of the night, and we are OKAY with all of it. Better yet, we are more than okay, as a society that consumes content feverishly, we are wanting MORE.

NOW is the time to get your “Done is Better Than Perfect” content out into the world and speak the truth of the Gospel and the hope that you carry into the hands and screens of the people that need it most. So what’s stopping you?

  • Be Agile and Pivot
  • Re-Prioritize Resources
  • Done is Better Than Perfect

COVID-19 will eventually end. The world will move on but it WILL be different. How will your organization be ready for the next PIVOT?

Embrace Change. Be a Pioneer. Rethink Creative.

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