Embracing Joy & Diligence: Q1 2021 Update

May 3, 2021


As we say “hello” to a new year, we are encouraged to consider what is valuable to us. For us at Rethink Creative one of our core values is “Embrace Joy.” It has been said “joy is the simplest form of gratitude” and we couldn’t agree more. To embrace joy starts with a posture of gratitude. As we look back on the first quarter of 2021, we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be joyful about.

2021 Q1 Culture & Projects Update

Every year, we seek to live out a particular theme or vision as a team. Our theme for this year is “Diligence.” And so, as we said hello to 2021, we stepped into this call of continuing with faithfulness and endurance the work that’s been set out for us to do this year. In the wake of 2020 and its lingering effects, we are committed to keeping our “hand to the plow” during difficult and unpredictable times, not only to do great work, but to see God’s best for our clients, our team and our culture. We’ve already seen our diligence pay off this year. Whether it be the kickoff (or launch) of some amazing projects, or watching our team and culture flourish, it truly has been an exciting and fulfilling 3 months. Here are some highlights:


  • 2 Brands Launched
  • 4 Websites Launched
  • 15 Videos Recorded
  • 9 New Clients
  • 1 New Service Added – Digital Marketing

Some of the organizations we've worked with in Q1 2021

Office Culture

Our Team is Growing

We started the year (and quarter) strong by welcoming a new member to the team. Madeline Jack joined in early January as our Operations Manager. She has been a game changer for the office, in keeping everything organized, scheduled and prioritized. Within only 3 short months, we can’t imagine our work week without her! Our continued success in Q1 has led to the search for a new Videographer and Web Developer, spots we hope to fill this summer.

Values Wall

Our core values are important to us. They guide how we interact as a team and with our clients everyday. To better internalize them (and to elevate some original design within our office space), we worked with the wonderfully talented Sydney Prusso to design and bring our values to life on one of our office walls. Every day, we are now greeted with an inspiring reminder of what guides our behaviors.

Rethink’s 4th Birthday 🎉

Last but not least, we had a birthday to celebrate in Q1. February 6th marked Rethink Creative’s fourth year in business! We are so humbled by this milestone and inspired by how many stories, brands and ministries we’ve been a part of these past four years. We are continually motivated by the work our clients do to spark hope throughout the world, and we are looking forward to many more years to come.


Local Church Website Launches

Rethink Creative is passionate about the local church. In a lot of ways, it’s because of the local church that Rethink Creative was born. We are always so grateful to be able to use our gifts to see the churches flourish. Q1 was marked by two church website launches. Seven Mile Road Church (in Northeast Philadelphia) and Stone Hill Church (of Princeton, NJ).

Metro NY District Church of the Nazarene

In Q1 we saw the launch of the Metro NY District Church of the Nazarene’s new brand. This launch not only included a full website redesign, but incorporated a total overhaul of the district’s identity and brand architecture. Bringing all ministries under a unified “branded house”, we simultaneously unified and brought clarity to each of their 8 unique sub-ministries, while celebrating the diversity of the district. Stay tuned for the case study!

Aftermath Book Campaign

We were so honored to work with our friend Dr. Steve Grusendorf on his new book titled Aftermath. As a book for the spiritually wounded, Aftermath is an invitation to find healing and hope in Jesus. The end of 2020 included the creative strategy for the theme and design, but in January the book was officially released, and we launched the new book campaign website. You can purchase Aftermath today on Amazon.

Advancing Native Missions

We can’t make it through a quarterly update and not make mention of at least one of the amazing missions agencies we are privileged to work with! We are passionate about the Great Commission and use creativity and strategy to help equip mission organizations to more effectively communicate, mobilize, partner and educate. Advancing Native Missions is one of those organizations that is near and dear to us. This quarter, we worked with them to revamp key sections of their website, to employ a cleaner design and better facilitate user experiences on the site. Check out their revamped website!

Three New Case Studies

Three new case studies were released on our website this quarter, celebrating some of the amazing work done last year. Check them out!

Embracing Innovation in a Season of Uncertainty

Visit Case Study

Engaging Hearts and Minds In Person and Virtually

Visit Case Study

Redesigning a Missions Agency from the Inside-Out

Visit Case Study

What’s to Come

By God’s grace, Rethink Creative has a lot in the works during Q2-3 of 2021. For this we are grateful and continue to be joyful. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for sneak peeks of upcoming projects and case studies. Below are just a few of the new and exciting projects we will be launching in the coming months!

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